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高考英语Module 10Units 3~4复习检测题  

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 高考英语Module 10Units 3~4复习检测题


When I was twelve years old,my family were the first black people to move into an all­white part of Grand Rapids,Michigan.Many of our new neighbours weren’ t very welcoming.Some of the adults said__1__that we should return to the place where we came from.The__2__sometimes threw stones at me or drove me home from school.
Most of my teachers __3__took no notice of me,but not Dorothy Bean,my history teacher.Miss Bean was angry at how badly I was being__4__,but she didn’ t say this to me.Miss Bean showed her respect for me by teaching me just like__5__else.Instead of being unnoticed,I was given a chance to show that I was smart.Miss Bean was the first teacher who ever made me__6__myself.She insisted on knowing what I thought about difficult questions.Was Thomas Jefferson__7__to buy Louisiana from France? Why? She expected me to have an opinion and to be able to__8__it up.Miss Bean taught me that thinking for yourself was the real key to education.
One day,when I was not paying attention in class,Miss Bean suddenly__9__an eraser at me.Unbelievably,the eraser hit me right on the hand and sent my pencil flying.The whole class was__10__at first,and then started laughing.This incident became famous in this school and,__11__it happened to me,the students wanted to get to know me.So that’ s the story of how Dorothy Bean made me her target,and how I became just another__12__in school.
1.A.kindly  B.pitifully  C.angrily  D.anxiously
2.A.seniors  B.children  C.enemies  D.elders
3.A.easily  B.simply  C.specially  D.happily
4.A.taught  B.considered  C.welcomed  D.treated
5.A.anyone  B.no one  C.someone  D.none
6.A.worry about  B.look about
C.work for  D.think for
7.A.necessary  B.probable  C.right  D.famous
8.A.back  B.set  C.put  D.give
9.A.aimed  B.threw  C.passed  D.seized
10.A.excited  B.satisfied  C.worried  D.shocked
11.A.when  B.once  C.because  D.whether
12.A.kid  B.problem  C.teacher  D.example
Pizza is one of the foods for__13__we can hardly name a specific origin.Putting stuff on flat bread as a meal goes back as__14__as ancient Rome.The word “pizza” appeared just before 1,000 AD,in the area between Naples and Rome.
The word__15__is probably related to pita (圆面饼),so let’ s start with the crust.In ancient times,all bread was basically flat.In the Middle Ages,people started to put things on the bread and then ate it,kind of__16__what we today might call an open face sandwich.It wasn’t really__17__new way of eating-the bread was a sort of plate mat,to help keep the table clean during meals.Only the rich could afford plates,so a flat piece of hard barley bread on the table was used instead for people who were__18__poor to buy  plates.Some bread was specially baked for that purpose.After the meal,sometimes the bread was eaten,__19__sometimes given to the dogs.There are traditional pizza­like dishes in Provence where bread is topped__20__onions,tomato,anchovies and olives.In the Middle East,lahma bi ajeen(阿拉伯比萨饼) is a pizza base with minced onions,meat and flavorings.American pizza,which can now be found throughout the world,was invented in America in the 1950s.Italian immigrants brought pizza to the United States in the early 1900s.
Fighting the pirates(海盗)
Last week Chinese warships departed on a mission to protect commercial ships and crews from pirate attacks off Somalia(索马里).
The fleet(舰队),which contains two missile destroyers and a large supply ship,is armed with special forces and helicopters.The mission also plans to share information with other countries working in the area,military officials said.
The operation is China’s first major naval mission abroad.The two missile destroyers Haikou and Wuhan are top­of­the­line Chinese navy ships.They sail at a speed of 30 knots(海里/小时).On board the destroyer,there are two helicopters,anti­aircraft missiles,anti­ship missiles and cannon torpedoes(鱼雷).The destroyers can direct fire at a target 10 kilometers away.
One major issue for the ships is how they will resupply so far from home.Officials said it will mostly depend on the supply ship,but China will also negotiate with other countries in the area to allow the ships to dock(停靠码头)and resupply.
“In light of the peculiarity of this operation,we have also dispatched(派遣)some special forces.These special forces will carry light weapons that correspond with the specific features and needs of this operation,” a Chinese military official said at a news conference last Tuesday.
Though the purpose of the mission is to protect Chinese ships and crews,China has called for stepped­up cooperation on anti­piracy efforts.China announced it was sending warships to the area after the UN Security Council(联合国安理会)authorized nations to conduct land and air attacks on pirate bases.
“During the escort(护航)operation,Chinese ships are ready and willing to strengthen information and intelligence sharing as well as conduct humanitarian rescue operations with ships of relevant countries according to the situation on the ground,” said Huang Xueping,spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense.
The plan is for a mission of three months,according to Chinese news media.Piracy has taken an increasing toll(损失)on international shipping,especially in the Gulf of Aden(亚丁湾),one of the world’s busiest sea­lanes.Pirates have made an estimated $30 million hijacking(劫持)ships this year,seizing more than 40 ships off Somalia’s 3,000 km coastline.
The People’s Liberation Army Navy has primarily focused on defending China’s coastline and,until now,limited operations abroad to port calls,goodwill visits and exercises with other navies.
1.What is the main idea of the passage?
A.It’s a general introduction to the People’s Liberation Army Navy in China.
B.It mainly informs us of how serious the problem of piracy has become.
C.It mainly introduces to readers China’s first major naval mission abroad.
D.It mainly tells readers why China sent her warships to Somalia last week.
2.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A.This is the first time China has carried out major exercises with other navies.
B.The destroyers are so powerful that they can aim at a target 10 km away.
C.Besides some advanced arms,there are 3 helicopters on every destroyer.
D.According to the mission,the fleet will stay in Somalia for four months.
3.The Chinese warships off Somalia will do the following EXCEPT ________.
A.protecting Chinese commercial ships and crews
B.sharing information with other countries working in the area
C.conducting humanitarian rescue operations
D.helping Somali government to fight against violence
4.What can we conclude from the passage?
A.The mission has been authorized by the UN Security Council.
B.The Gulf of Aden is the busiest sea­lane in the world.
C.The special forces on the destroyer will carry heavy weapons.
D.It’s estimated that pirates off Somalia seized 50 vessels this year.
5.How many ways are mentioned to solve the issue of resupply for the Chinese ships?
A.One.  B.Two.  C.Three.  D.Four.
Units 3~4
【解题导语】 本文是一篇记叙文。全文记叙了自己童年的一段经历: “我” 是黑人,
全家来到Grand Rapids,这里是白人区。白人对我们极不友好。在学校里同学们也欺负
“我”,可Miss Bean运用她特殊的方式让大家很快接受了 “我”。
1.解析:考查语境理解。由 “weren’t very welcoming” 以及 “we should return to the
place where we came from” 可知,邻居们对我们很不友好,因此答案选C。
2.解析:考查上下文暗示。从第一段中 “I was twelve years old” 以及下文内容可推知,
向 “我” 扔石头的应该是 “孩子”,所以答案选B。
3.解析:考查语境理解。依据下文内容可知,Miss Bean对 “我” 很好,而其他大多
数老师都不理会 “我”,故答案选B。其他三个选项与take no notice of连用时,均
4.解析:考查语境理解。联系上文可知,此处指Miss Bean对别人如此恶劣地对待 “我”
5.解析:考查句意理解。此处是指Miss Bean像教其他任何人一样教 “我”,所以答
6.解析:考查语境理解。由下句 “She insisted on knowing what I thought about difficult
questions.” 可推断,此处表示Miss Bean让 “我” 独立思考,因此答案选D。下
文中 “thinking for yourself” 也有暗示。
8.解析:考查动词短语辨析。根据语境可知,这里表示  “能够支持自己的观点”,故
答案选A,back up  “支持,有助于”。而不是set up  “建立”,put up  “举起”,
give up  “放弃”。
9.解析:考查语境理解。由下文 “the eraser hit me right on the hand”  可推知,这里
表示Miss Bean把一个黑板擦朝 “我” 扔过来。故答案为B。
10.解析:考查语境理解。由 “and then started laughing” 可推知,学生对老师的举动
一开始感到非常吃惊(shocked),而不是excited “兴奋的”,satisfied “满意的”,
worried “担心的”。因此答案选D。
12.解析:考查上下文暗示。依据上下文内容可知,此处是指 “我” 是如何成为学校
里与以前不同的学生的,因此答案选A,也与前文 “I was twelve years old” 相照
【解题导语】 本文为说明文,主要讲述了比萨饼的来历。
定语从句。题意为 “比萨是一种食物,其起源几乎没人能说具体”。
14.解析:考查固定搭配。as far as “远至”。题意为 “在扁平的面包上放上材料的吃
15.解析:考查反身代词的用法。此处用itself作同位语表示强调。此处意为 “这个单
18.解析:考查副词too的用法。too...to... “太……而不能……”
19.解析:考查并列连词and的用法。题意为 “饭后这些面包有的被人吃了,有的喂狗
20.解析:考查介词的用法。be topped with “上面放有……”。此处意为 “在Provence
【解题导语】 中国军舰远征索马里。
【长难句解读】 Pirates have made an estimated $30 million hijacking ships this year,seizing
more than 40 ships off Somalia’s 3,000 km coastline在这个句子里,estimated过去分词在
句中作定语。seizing more than 40 ships off Somalia’s 3,000 km coastline在句子中作伴随
4.解析:细节理解题。根据文章第六段最后一句可得知答案。根据倒数第二段中的 “one
of the world’s busiest sea­lanes” 排除B项;根据第五段中的 “These special forces
will carry light weapons” 可排除C项,根据倒数第二段最后一句可排除D。



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