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高考英语必修2 Unit 3练习题  

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高考英语必修2 Unit 3练习题


 【新课标人教版】(全国通用)2012届高考英语一轮复习精讲精练学案必修2 Unit 3 Computers
1.Many difficulties________(产生) in the course of their experiment,which was beyond our expectations.
答案: arose
2.There is another kind of beauty that has nothing to do with________(外貌),but comes from the heart.
答案: appearance
3.It is just her childhood experiences that affect her________(性格) and later life.
答案: character
4.Where can I________(下载) the exercises from the Internet?
答案: download
5.During the winter holidays,I________(辅导) some students for English exams.
答案: coached
6.They achieved their________(目标) of increasing sales by five percent.
答案: goal
7.It is such a hard problem that it is impossible for me to________(解决).
答案: solve
8.These changes are due to an increase in the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial________(革命).
答案: Revolution
9.The ability to give good advice at the right time involves a great deal of________(智力).
答案: intelligence
10.Her speech yesterday was a________(信号) that her views had changed.
答案: signal
1.from...                  从……时起
2.          a result     结果
3.so...   ...    如此……以至于……
4.   a way     在某种程度上
5.   the help of    在……的帮助下
6.deal         处理;安排;对付
7.watch         看守;监视
8.   by     经过
9.have...in       有……共同之处
10.what’s          而且
11.get                       集合;聚集
12.make               弥补;补足;整理
I developed very slowly and ________ ________ nearly two hundred years ________ I was built as an analytical machine by Charles Babbage.
答案: it took;before
________ ________ my memory has developed so much that,like an elephant,I never forget ________ ________ ________ ________ ________!
答案: Over time;anything I have been told
And my memory became ________ large________ even I couldn’t believe it!
答案: so;that
________,my goal is to provide humans with a life________ ________ ________.
答案: Anyhow;of high quality
________ ________ ________our programmer is like our coach.
答案: In a way
After all,________ ________ ________ ________  my electronic brain which never forgets anything,using my intelligence is what I’m all about!
答案: with the help of
totally adv.全部地;完全
教材原句P18:As a result I totally changed my shape.

①I totally agree with you.我完全同意你的看法。
②China has a total land area of over 9.6 million km2.
③A total of 100 teachers will attend the meeting.
④In total,over 250 employers completed the safety training.
这些宇航员总共在太空中逗留了26 000多天。
________________,these astronauts have spent more than 26,000 days ________________.
答案: In total;in space
arise vi.出现;发生;起身,起床
教材原句P23:Then she prepares reliable moves to use if a new situation arises.
(2)arise from由……而引起,由……而产生;从……中产生
①Unexpected difficulties arose in the course of their experiment.在他们进行实验的过程中,出现了意想不到的困难。
②He arose from his seat.他从座位上站起来。
③Accidents often arise from carelessness.


We were watching the children raising the national flag,and saw it rising slowly in the wind,which aroused our patriotic minds.
原形 过去式 过去分词 v.?ing
arise (vi.) 出现,发生,起因于 arose arisen arising
arouse (vt.) 唤醒,激起 aroused aroused arousing
rise (vi.) 升起,起身,增长,上升 rose risen rising
raise (vt.) 举起,唤起,提高,饲养 raised raised raising

(1)The sun ________ in the east and sets in the west.
(2)We should always keep in mind that accidents________from carelessness while driving.
(3)After the war the standard of living was ________rapidly.
(4)This book ________ my interest in politics.
答案: (1)rises (2)arise  (3)raised (4)aroused
anyhow adv.无论如何;即使如此
教材原句P18:Anyhow,my goal is to provide humans with a life of high quality.不管怎样,我的目标是给人类提供高质量的生活。
①Anyhow,we have plenty of time to plan ahead.
②It’s too expensive and anyhow (=anyway) the color doesn’t suit you.这个太贵,而且颜色也不适合你。
③I’m afraid we can’t come,but thanks for the invitation anyhow (=anyway).恐怕我们来不了,不过还是感谢邀请。
④Anyhow (=Anyway),let’s forget about that for the moment!无论如何,咱们此刻忘记那件事吧!
3.I’m certain David’s told you his business troubles.________,it’s no secret that he owes a lot of money to the bank.
A.However     B.Anyway
C.Therefore     D.Though
解析: 句意为:我确信戴维已经告诉你他的生意遇到麻烦了。不管怎么说,他欠银行的钱已不是秘密了。however可是;然而;therefore因此;though尽管;虽然;anyway相当于anyhow总之,无论如何。
答案: B
signal vi.& vt.发信号;n.信号
教材原句P23:For example,I have learned to signal to my teammates in computer language to give me the ball when I am open and have a good shot for a goal.

①She signalled the car to stop by raising her hand.
②She signalled (to) him to follow.
③He signalled that it was time to leave.
④Rapid breathing is a danger signal and you should call your doctor.呼吸急促是个危险的征兆,该去请你的医生了。
4.(湖北高考)In our class,when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book,it was a________for everyone to stand up.
A.signal           B.chance
C.mark      D.measure
解析: 句意为:在我们班,铃声响起,老师合上课本,这就是大家起立的信号。signal信号,导火线,符合题意。chance机会,运气;mark分数,痕迹;measure测量,措施,办法,尺寸。
答案: A
5.(2010?龙岩一检)The door and the windows were all closed and there was no________of forced entry.
A.scene     B.signal
C.sign     D.sight
解析: 考查名词辨析。语意表示“门窗都关闭着,没有强力侵入的迹象”。sign迹象;scene场景,景色;signal信号;sight视野。根据句意,选C项。
答案: C
in a way从某一角度看;在某种程度上
教材原句P23:In a way our programmer is like our coach.
all the way一路上;自始至终;完全
by the way顺便说
in no way一点也不;决不
in the way挡道;碍事
No way![俚]别想!没门!
on one’s way/the way to在……路上
①In a way,I’m a little surprised he accepted the offer.
②Only in this way can you get rid of your bad habits.
③In no way should you lose heart.
④Don’t stand in the way.Move aside and let me pass.
(1)____________________to school he came across a boy who lost his way.
(2)There is a truck____________________and I can’t get through.
(3)Perhaps he should have said nothing,but______________it was his duty.
(4)____________________,have you seen my umbrella anywhere?
答案: (1)On the way (2)in the way (3)in a way (4)By the way
as a result结果
教材原句P18:As a result I totally changed my shape.
①The boy worked hard.As a result he passed the examination.
②They didn’t get enough money.As a result,they had to give up the plan.
辨析:as a result,as a result of,result in与result from
(1)as a result因此,结果,副词短语,常作状语,使用时其前常有一个表示原因的句子。
We helped each other in studies and as a result we became good friends.我们在学习上互相帮助,结果我们成了好朋友。
(2)as a result of是介词短语,相当于because of,只能连接名词/代词/动名词及what宾语从句。
As a result of the car accident,Jackson couldn’t work any longer.由于车祸,杰克逊不能再工作了。
(3)result in相当于lead to,结果为……;导致,主语是原因,宾语是结果。
His carelessness resulted in his failure.他的粗心导致他的失败。
(4)result from相当于lie in,因为,源自,主语是结果,宾语是原因。
His failure resulted from his carelessness.
7.(2009?全国卷Ⅱ)Jenny nearly missed the flight______doing too much shopping.
A.as a result of    B.on top of
C.in front of    D.in need of
解析: 考查固定词组辨析。句意为:由于购物花费时间太多,珍妮差点错过航班。as a result of由于作为……的结果,由于;on top of在……之外,另外;in front of在……前面;in need of 需要……
答案: A
(1)It rained heavily.________________we had to stay at home for the whole weekend.
(2)________________the heavy rain,we had to stay at home for the whole weekend.
答案: (1)As a result (2)As a result of
deal with处理;安排;对付
教材原句P24:This means that it should clean the house,mop the floors,cook the dinner and deal with telephone calls.
①I found her quite hard to deal with.
②This is a book dealing with Asian problems.
deal with常与how连用,而do with则常与what连用。
③I don’t know how to deal with the situation.
④I don’t know what to do with the situation.
9.—You look so worried.What’s the matter?
—I don’t know________these boring problems.
A.what to deal with   
B.how to do with
C.what can I do with   
D.how to deal with
解析: 考查短语用法。deal with通常与how搭配,而do with通常与what搭配。C项语序不对。
答案: D
10.With the world changing fast,we have something new ________ with all by ourselves every day.
A.deal     B.dealt
C.to deal     D.dealing
解析: 本题考查不定式作定语。句意为:随着世界的快速变化,我们每天都有新的问题要独自处理。have something to deal,动词deal 逻辑上的主语是we,也就是句子的主语。
答案: C
As time went by,I was made smaller.
①As time went on,his knowledge broadened.
②As we grow older,we get wiser.
③As time went by,the city became more beautiful.
④With the time going by,they became close friends.
⑤With the wealth of the country increasing,more waste will be produced.随着国家财富的增加,更多的垃圾也产生了。
11.I couldn’t do my homework with all that noise________.
A.going on    B.goes on
C.went on     D.to go on
解析: with所引导的结构在句子中作伴随状语。“with+n.+doing/done/介词短语”为固定结构。noise与go on之间为主动关系,故选A。
答案: A
12.________children get older,they become more and more interested in the things around them.
A.While     B.When
C.As     D.With
解析: as可表示两个同步发展的动作或行为,意为“随着”;while表示一段较长的时间或过程内主从句谓语动作同时发生;when作“当……时候”讲,指较短的一段或点时间;with不能引导从句。
答案: C
And my memory became so large that even I couldn’t believe it.
①The problem is so difficult that nobody can work it out.
②It was so hot a day that nobody wanted to do anything.(=It was such a hot day that nobody wanted to do anything.)
③I made so many mistakes in the composition that the teacher criticized me.我的作文中出了许多错误,老师批评了我。
④It is such lovely weather that we all want to go out for a walk.
⑤So fast did the teacher speak that I couldn’t follow him.(The teacher spoke so fast that I could not follow him.)

13.(2009?重庆卷)Peter was so excited______he received an invitation from his friend to visit Chongqing.
A.where     B.that
C.why     D.when
解析: 句意为:当Peter的朋友邀请他来重庆时,他很是兴奋。此题考查状语从句,只有when引导的时间状语从句符合题意。
答案: D
14.(2009?上海卷)The Great Wall is________tourist attraction that millions of people pour in every year.
A.so a well­known   
B.a so well­known
C.such well­known a   
D.such a well­known
解析: 句意为:长城是如此著名的旅游胜地,以至于每年都有上百万人涌来。such+a+形容词+单数名词+that从句,表示“如此……以至于……”。
答案: D
in a way;deal with;make up;have a lot in common;as a result of;watch over;with the help of;after all
1.Those two brothers not only look alike,but also they________________________.
答案: have a lot in common
2.When I am back to school from sick leave,I will______________for the missing lessons.
答案: make up
3.The doctors and nurses__________________the seriously wounded worker day and night.
答案: watched over
4.Why are you so anxious?It isn’t your problem________.
答案: after all
5.________________the pilot strike,all flights have had to be cancelled.
答案: As a result of
6.He has________________many complicated situations successfully so far.
答案: dealt with
7.________________,I’m glad you made that mistake,since you can learn from it.
答案: In a way
8.____________________a passer­by,I carried the injured person into a clinic.
答案: With the help of
1.(福建高考)Nancy enjoyed herself so much________she visited her friends in Sydney last year.
A.that     B.which
C.when     D.where
解析: 句意为:去年Nancy在悉尼拜访她朋友的时候,她玩得很开心。本题是when引导的一个时间状语从句,when这里意为“当……的时候”,B、D两选项可以从句意和句子结构上加以排除。但可能有些学生会受so...that固定句型的影响,而选that,翻译成“如此……以至于”与语境不符。
答案: C
2.(四川高考)I haven’t seen Ann for________long that I’ve forgotten what she looks like.
A.such     B.very
C.so     D.too
解析: 句意为:我有很长时间没见着安了,我已忘记她长什么样了。so/such...that如此……以致,即so+adj./adv.+that,而such+n.+that,long为副词,故用so。
答案: C
3.Pop music is such an important part of society________it has even influenced our language.
A.as     B.that
C.which     D.where
解析: 考查such...that “如此……以至于”结构。
答案: B
4.Beijing was attacked by such a terrible sandstorm________few residents had ever experienced before.
A.as      B.which
C.and it was     D.that
解析: 考查定语从句。as在此处为关系代词,作experienced的宾语。
答案: A
5.(2011?江西六所重点中学联考)So difficult________it to live in an English­speaking country that I determined to learn English well.
A.I have felt     B.have I felt
C.I did feel     D.did I feel
解析: 考查倒装。本句使用的so...that句式表示“如此……以至于”,当“so+形容词/副词”置于句首时,主句要用部分倒装;与下文的时态相呼应,这里用一般过去时表示同时存在的情况。
答案: D
1.(2011?湖南适应性测试)—Why are you still here?Everybody has gone to attend the lecture by the president.
—Oh,I________about it!
A.wasn’t informed    B.hadn’t been informed
C.haven’t informed    D.didn’t inform
解析: 本题考查动词时态和语态。从语意可知,我没有去听讲座,是因为之前(过去某个时候)没有人通知我,因此应该使用一般过去时态。因为我没有被(别人)通知,故用被动语态,选A项。
答案: A
2.(北京崇文期末)It________that the road will be closed tomorrow for repairs.
A.was announced     B.has been announced
C.had been announced    D.would be announced
解析: 本题考查动词的时态和语态。题干句子中that到句子结束是宾语从句,且从句动词用“will+动词原形”表示将来,由此推断出空白处谓语动词应用现在的某种时态,在所给四个选项中,只有B项正确。
答案: B
3.—We want to sit at the table near the window.
—I’m sorry,but it________already.
A.has taken    B.took
C.was taken    D.has been taken
解析: 从题干的答语知道,座位已经有人占了,说明结果,所以应该用现在完成时的被动语态。
答案: D
4.His sister left home in 1998,and________since.
A.had not been heard of     B.has not been heard of
 C.had not heard of      D.has not heard of
解析: 句意为:他妹妹在1998年离开家,从那以后就没了音讯。根据句意,指的是过去离开以后,到现在一直没音讯,故用现在完成时;hear of与his sister在本句中为被动关系,故用被动语态,所以选B。
答案: B
5.—Would you like to go to the cinema with me tomorrow afternoon?
—I’d like to,Mum,but I________to a party by Jane.It is her birthday.
A.am invited    B.was invited
C.will be invited    D.have been invited
解析: 由句意可知,邀请这个动作虽发生在过去,但对现在造成的影响还存在(不能和妈妈一起看电影了),所以用现在完成时态的被动语态。
答案: D


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