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高考英语必修1Unit 5练习题  

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高考英语必修1Unit 5练习题


1.The school used advanced teaching methods to________(教育) the students.
答案: educate
2.In my________(看法),many teenagers depend too much on their parents.
答案: opinion
3.Anyone that provides valuable information for the police will be________(奖赏).
答案: rewarded
4.His sister ran away from home and went abroad because of family________(暴力).
答案: violence
5.This kind of washing powder is of good________(质量),and doesn’t harm our hands.
答案: quality
6.The boss was________(抨击) by the newspapers for not caring for the workers.
答案: attacked
7.—Do you know when the People’s Republic of China was________(成立)?
—On October 1,1949.
答案: founded
8.Yesterday we________(选举) Mr Li the best teacher in our school.
答案: voted
9.Though he________(逃跑) from the big fire,his skin was severely burned.
答案: escaped
10.Your teacher can give you________(指导) on choosing a career and writing a job application.
答案: guidance
1.   of work        失业
2.   a matter of fact  事实上
3.come to       当权;上台
4.turn    求助于;致力于
5.be   to  被判处……(徒刑)
6.worry    担心
7.    in  信仰,信任
8.in   处于麻烦中,处于困境中
9.lose   丧失勇气或信心
10.  up  设立;建立
11.put...in   把……投入监狱
12.fight        反对……而斗争
However,this ________ ________ ________ ________one had got to have a passbook to live in Johannesburg.
答案: was a time when
The last thirty years ________ ________the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress,until today we have________ ________ ________ ________we have almost no rights at all.
答案: have seen;reached a stage where
We first broke the law in a way ________ was peaceful;when this was not allowed...only then ________  ________ ________ to answer violence with violence.
答案: which;did we decide
He said they should not be ________ ________ ________ for their degrees.
答案: stopped from studying
devote vt.献身;专心于
教材原句P33:A great person is someone who devotes his/her life to helping others.

①These artists devoted all their life to art,and made great contributions to the artistic field.这些艺术家把终生献给了艺术,为艺术事业作出了巨大贡献。
②She is a good wife and a devoted mother.
③He could only devote two hours a day to work on the project,but his devotion to duty is worth respecting.他一天只能在这个项目上花两个小时,但他忠于职守是值得尊敬的。
④She devoted all her life to medical work for Chinese women and children.她为中国妇女和儿童的医疗工作贡献了毕生。
1.Her son,to whom she was so________,went abroad ten years ago,________her alone in the small village.
A.loved;leaving        B.devoted;left
C.devoted;leaving    D.affected;leaving
解析: be devoted to sb.相当于love sb.很喜欢某人,句中devoted后的to移至whom之前。句意为:她非常疼爱的儿子去年去了国外,留下她一个人在小村子里。
答案: C
vote vt.& vi.投票;选举;n.投票;票
教材原句P34:Black people could not vote or choose their leaders.当时黑人没有选举权,他们无权选择他们的领导人。

①There was once a time when women had no right to vote.
②I thought the plan was very good,so I voted for it.
③We will listen to the arguments on both sides and then vote on it.
(1)With the help of Nelson Mandela,blacks were hopeful about their future______________________(他们能投票) and choose their leaders.
(2)There were____________________(16票赞成) my suggestion,and 15 against.
(3)As they couldn’t agree with each other,they__________________(决定投票表决) the issue.
答案: (1)when they could vote (2)16 votes in favour of (3)decided to vote on
equal v.等于;抵得上;adj.相等的;胜任的;n.同等的人;相等物
教材原句P34:But I was happy to help because I knew it would help us achieve our dream of making black and white people equal.但是,我乐于帮忙,因为我知道,这是为了实现我们黑人和白人平等的梦想。
(1)A equals B in...A在……方面比得上B
be equal to+n./doing sth.等于;与……相等;胜任
be without equal/have no equal无与伦比;无敌
(2)equality n.相等;平等
equally adv.相等地;平等地
①None of us can equal her,either in beauty or as a dancer.
②It is reasonable to demand equal pay for equal work.
3.(天津高考)Fitness is important in sport,but of at least________importance are skills.
A.fair     B.reasonable
C.equal     D.proper
解析: equal相等的,同等的,(be) of equal importance意为“同样重要”。句意为:在比赛中,身体状态是重要的,但是比赛技巧至少也同等重要。
答案: C
I don’t think he____________________(胜任做这项工作),so I won’t employ him.
答案: is equal to doing the job
reward n.& v.报答;报酬;奖赏
教材原句P38:They said that the job and the pay from the new South African government were my reward after working all my life for equal rights for the Blacks.他们说来自新南非政府的那份工作和薪水是对我一生为黑人的平等权利而奋斗的回报。

①He gave the boy a reward of $100 for bringing back the lost dog.因为找回丢失的狗,他奖励小男孩100美元。
②They rewarded the boy with £5 for bringing back the lost dog.
③She got nothing in reward for her kindness.
④How can I reward your kindness?
  名词 动词
reward 报酬、奖金或一些非金钱的报酬 给予报酬,指因对方的工作、服务、帮助而给予的报酬或奖赏;reward sb.for (doing) sth.因……而报答/奖励某人
award 奖品,奖金,与prize相似 授予,颁发;award sb.sth.=award sth.to sb.

(1)Obama was ________the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.
(2)She started singing to the baby and was________with a smile.
(3)It is widely accepted that young babies learn to do things because certain acts lead to________.
答案: (1)awarded  (2)rewarded (3)rewards
escape v.& n.逃脱;逃生;泄露
教材原句P38:It was a prison from which no one escaped.

①Whoever breaks the law won’t escape punishment/being punished.不管是谁违反了法律都将不会逃脱惩罚。
②She managed to escape from the burning car.
③It might have escaped your notice,but I’m very busy at the moment.也许你没注意到,可我此刻非常忙。
④He had a narrow escape.他九死一生。
6.In the face of the big fire in Moscow in 2010,many people in the firestricken areas moved out________.
A.to escape burning   B.to escape being burned
C.escaping burned   D.escaping from burning
解析: 句意为:由于2010年莫斯科大火,许多被大火威胁的人们搬了出去以免被烧伤。由句意可知空格处为目的状语,故用动词不定式的形式,可排除C、D项,此处表示“逃脱被烧”,故B项正确。
答案: B
turn to求助于;翻到(书的某页);查阅;转向
教材原句P35:Why did Nelson Mandela turn to violence to make black and white people equal?
①Their talk turned to the change that had taken place in the city.
②Please turn to the police for help when you are in trouble.
turn down调小;拒绝
turn into变成
turn off关闭(开关等)
turn over打翻;翻身;移交
turn up调大;出现
turn out证明是;结果是
③She turned down the job offer because she wanted more money.她拒绝了那份工作因为她想要更高的工资。
④Unexpectedly the weather turned out pretty nice that day.
(1)She didn’t________________at the party as she had promised to.
(2)It________________that the job was much harder than we had thought.
(3)She’s having a lot of trouble with the new computer,but she doesn’t know whom to ________________.
(4)He did not fall asleep,________________in bed from time to time.
答案: (1)turn up (2)turned out (3)turn to (4)turning over
set up设立,建立
教材原句P39:1952 set up law office to help poor black people in Johannesburg,later this year,law office closed by government because he attacked anti­black laws.1952年 设立律师事务所,为约翰内斯堡的穷苦黑人提供帮助,后来在这一年,律师事务所被政府关闭,因为他攻击反黑人法。
①For all these years I have been working for others.I’m hoping I’ll set up my own business some day.这些年来我一直为他人工作,我希望有一天可以开创自己的事业。
②We decided to set up a fund for the Hope project.
③The moment they arrived there,they began to set up the tent.
set about开始做
set aside把……放在一边;省出,留出
set down写下,记下
set off出发,动身;使爆炸;引起,激发
set out出发,动身;摆放;陈列;开始,着手
④She tries to set aside some money every month.
⑤I set about researching the habits of snakes so I could trap them in the easiest way.
(1)Einstein liked Bose’s paper so much that he________________ his own work and translated it into German.
(2)Then,in 1995,the organization________________ an office in Beijing.
(3)I don’t want to________________a series of facts in a diary as most people do.
(4)I think we ought to ________________ at 7∶00,while the roads are empty.
答案: (1)set aside (2)set up (3)set down (4)set off
The last thirty years have seen the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress,until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all.
①Dusk saw a little boy crying in the street.
②The following year saw the death of both his sisters.
③They came to the corner which had seen many accidents.
④National Day saw people singing and dancing happily in the street.国庆节里人们在大街上高兴地唱啊跳啊!
(2)当先行词是stage,situation,case,position等词时,定语从句常用where或in which来引导。
⑤You could get into a situation where you have to decide immediately.你可能遇上一种情况,使你不得不立刻作出决定。
⑥We’re get to the stage where we can hardly go out together.
The book was written in 1946,since when____________________(见证了教育的巨大变化).
答案: the education has witnessed great changes
10.(2011?济南一模)She’s in a hopeless situation,________we will keep a very close eye on.
A.where     B.when
C.which     D.that
解析: 考查定语从句。定语从句的解题关键是:在主句中找出先行词,该句的先行词是a hopeless situation,然后把先行词“代入”从句中,判断其在从句中的“地位”和“作用”,此处关系词在从句中作on的宾语,同时这里又是非限制性定语从句,所以应该用关系代词which,选C项。
答案: C
11.(2011?郑州二检)The CCTV Spring Festival Gala is a big stage,________many new actors or actresses are to become famous.
A.where     B.when
C.that     D.which
解析: 考查定语从句。分析题干可以看出,stage是一个地点,而在定语从句中充当地点状语的引导词只有where,故选A。
答案: A
We first broke the law in a way which was peaceful;when this was not allowed...only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.
(1)in a way which was peaceful=in a peaceful way
way后面跟的是一个定语从句。way如在后面的定语从句中作主语或宾语时,引导词用that或which;如作状语,可用in which或that引导,且引导词可省略。
①I don’t like the way that/in which you treated him.
②He offered some ways that/which worked very well in practice.
③The way that/which you thought of to solve the problem was good.你想出的解决问题的办法很好。
④Only then did we realize that we were wrong.
⑤Only in this way can you learn English well.
⑥Only when he came back from work did I go to bed last night.

Only you can solve the problem.只有你能解决这个问题。
12.He doesn’t like the way________you treat a girl.
A.which     B.that
C.in that     D.by which
解析: 当way在从句中指方式时,它后面的定语从句中的关系代词常用that,in which或者不填。这里的that不能与which替换。
答案: B
13.(2010?湖南长沙市一中月考)Only when he returned________that the war had ended and the army had come back.
A.we tell     B.we told
C.did we tell     D.were we told
解析: 考查only的倒装用法。only+状语从句放在句首时,句子应部分倒装;结合语意可知应用被动语态。
答案: D
14.(2010?辽宁本溪高级中学一调)It must be kept in mind that________lifelong study can you survive in the highly competitive society.
A.only when    B.until then
C.only through    D.until when
解析: 根据题干后面的can you survive in the highly competitive society可知,这是一个倒装句。而根据选项可知,能构成倒装的只有A、C两项。此外,因为题干中的lifelong study是名词短语,而不是句子,不能用when,故答案是C。语意为:必须牢记在心的是,只有通过终生学习,你才能在竞争激烈的社会中生存。
答案: C
15.(2010?吉林实验中学一模)Only if________the examinations________get the gift promised by your father.
A.you have passed;you will 
B.have you passed;will you
C.you have passed;will you 
D.have you passed;you will
解析: only连接状语放在句首时,主句要部分倒装。
答案: C
1.She set an example for us by________(selfless) working as a volunteer.
答案: selflessly
2.The two men were such________(devote) friends that they were willing to die for each other.
答案: devoted
3.Green is a________(peace) colour that makes us think of fields and forests.
答案: peaceful
4.He has a talent for speaking.He is going to be a________(law) when he grows up.
答案: lawyer
5.I am not very________(hope) about the plan,but it might be worth trying.
答案: hopeful
6.Nobody can stand his________(cruel) towards his own old parents.
答案: cruelty
7.It was________(fair) to give chocolate to some of the children and not to the others.
答案: unfair
8.Preschool________(educate) is quite important and worth paying attention to.
答案: education
1.Although the working mother is very busy,she still________a lot of time to her children.
A.devotes          B.spends
C.offers      D.provides
解析: 句意为:尽管这位职业女性非常忙,但她仍然在孩子身上花很多时间。由于后面的介词是to,所以不可以使用spend,其余选项不合语境。
答案: A
2.________to his research work,the professor cared little about any other things.
A.Devoting    B.Devoted
C.Having devoted   D.To devote
解析: devote是及物动词,一般用法是sb.is devoted to(doing)sth.或devote oneself to(doing)sth.。本句中the professor和devote之间存在逻辑上的动宾关系,故用过去分词形式devoted作原因状语。本句话意思是“教授致力于研究工作,对其他任何事情都关心甚少”。
答案: B
3.Mr Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to________some schools for poor children.
A.set up     B.setting up
C.have set up     D.having set up
解析: 此题中的had to 与set up 并不构成搭配,因为he had 为定语从句,修饰先行词all,set up 应与devote all...to 构成搭配(devote...to...中的to为介词,后接名词、代词或动名词),即devote all to setting up。
答案: B
4.(2010?西安四校二模)The time he has devoted in the past few years________the disabled is now considered________of great value.
A.to help;being     B.to help;to be
C.to helping;to be    D.to helping;being
解析: devote...to doing...为固定搭配,to为介词,后接动名词作宾语。consider作“考虑”讲时,后接动名词作宾语;作“认为”讲时,后接名词、形容词、动词不定式作宾补。
答案: C
1.(2010?黑龙江高考适应性考试)The Dragon Tower,from________top visitors can enjoy a good________of Harbin,attracts hundreds of tourists every day.
A.which;sight          B.whose;view
C.its;view      D.where;sight
解析: 考查定语从句。该句的先行词是The Dragon Tower,在从句中表示所属关系,应该用关系代词whose。第二空为常用短语a good view of,表示“清楚地看到……”,据此选B项。
答案: B
2.(2010?福建龙岩毕业班质检)Remember that there is still one point________we must make clear at the conference tomorrow.
A.where     B.why
C.when      D.that
解析: 考查定语从句。解定语从句题的关键是:在主句中找出先行词,该句的先行词是one point,然后把先行词“代入”从句中,判断其在从句中的“地位”和“作用”,这里先行词在从句中作make clear的宾语,所以用关系代词that/which引导定语从句并在从句中作宾语,据此选D项。
答案: D
3.(2010?浙江金华联考)American women usually identify their best friend as someone________they can talk frequently.
B.about which
D.with whom
解析: 考查定语从句。with whom引导定语从句,修饰先行词someone,with与talk构成固定搭配,表示“与……交谈”。
答案: D
4.(2010?江西十所重点中学模拟)“Meals on wheels” is a free service,________hot meals are delivered to elderly people who may not be able to move around very easily.
解析: 考查定语从句。where是引导词,引导定语从句修饰先行词service,where在从句中作状语。
答案: C
5.(2010?河北唐山模拟)They left without leaving a message,________was more than we had expected.
A.what      B.which
C.that      D.when
解析: 考查定语从句。句意为:他们没有留下口信就离开了,这远远出乎我们的意料。which引导非限制性定语从句,在从句中作主语,代指前面整句话的内容。
答案: B

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