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(1)A is+倍数+比较级+than+B
(2)A is+倍数+as+原级+as+B
(3)A is+倍数+the+名词(size,length,height 等)+of+B
(4)A is+倍数+that+of+B
(5)A is+倍数+what 引导的名词性从句
①This building is three times higher than that one.
This building is three times as high as that one.
This building is three times the height of that one.
②The output of this year is 3 times that of 2008.
=The output of this year is 3 times what it was in 2008.
③After the new technique was introduced,the factory produced twice as many cars in 2008 as the year before.
1.(2011?福州模拟)When you study the local map,you’ll find this town is________.
A.twice the size of that one
B.twice as a large town as that
C.twice as larger as that one
D.twice as larger a town as that
解析: 句意为:当你研究当地的地图时,你会发现这座城镇是那个的两倍大。倍数的表达方式:A is +倍数+the+名词(如size/length)+of B;B项中不定冠词位置错误;C、D项中as后应用形容词原级。
答案: A
2.(2009?辽宁卷)Peter’s jacket looked just the same as Jack’s,but it cost________his.
A.as much twice as      
B.twice as much as
C.much as twice as   
D.as twice much as
解析: 倍数表达法是形容词比较等级中一种很常用的比较级结构。不管用哪种比较级结构来表示比较,表示倍数的词总是放在比较级结构的最前面。
答案: B
3.(2009?四川卷)My uncle’s house in the downtown area is much smaller than ours,but it is twice________expensive.
A.as     B.so
C.too     D.very
解析: 考查倍数表达法。这里的倍数是“twice”,由expensive这一原级可知,这里使用了“as...as...”这一比较结构,在具体的语境中,后面的一个as以及后面的成分可以承前省略,即这里expensive后面省略了as ours。
答案: A
It is generally believed that teaching is as much an art as it is a science.
2.“as+形容词/副词的原级+as”与“not as/so+形容词/副词的原级+as”表示同级比较,即两个或两部分人或物在性质上或程度上相同(不同)。
The work is not as/so difficult as you imagine.
3.“the+比较级+of the two +名词”表示“两者中较……的那个”。
The taller of the two boys is my brother.
After two years’ research,we have a far better understanding of the disease.
We went to the USA in search of a better life.
5.比较级的修饰语常见的有:rather,much,still,even,far,any(用于否定句或疑问句),a lot,a little,a great deal,by far,a bit 等。
The students study even harder than before.
A car runs a great deal faster than a bike.
(1)最高级的修饰语常见的有:序数词,by far,nearly,almost,by no means,not really,not quite,nothing like。
The bridge being built now is by far the longest across the Yellow River.
I’d like to buy the second most expensive camera.
There is no greater love than that of a man who lays down his life for his friends.
—Are you satisfied with what he said at the meeting?
—No.It couldn’t have been worse.
1.(2010?龙岩市检测)Believe it or not,swimming is________as any to lose unwanted weight.
A.a way as good   B.as a good way
C.as a way good   D.as good a way
解析: 考查固定短语。as...as表示“和……一样”,固定表达方式有“as+adj./adv.+as”“as+adj.+a/an+n.+as”等。
答案: D
2.(2010?苏州一模)—Do you think that the 11th Chinese National Games were a success?
—Yes,________!It couldn’t be ________.
A.relatively;better    B.approximately;worse
C.absolutely;better    D.fortunately;worse
解析: 本题考查副词和形容词在语境中的运用。relatively 相对地,比较地;approximately 大约;absolutely 当然是,绝对正确;fortunately 幸运地。根据语境知,第十一届全运会绝对是一个成功的盛会,没有比它更好的了,故C项正确。
答案: C
3.(2010?4月济南模拟)Of the two cameras,I would prefer ________one,which is very easy for me to carry.
A.a smaller    B.the smallest
C.a small     D.the smaller
解析: 考查形容词比较级。由of the two cameras 可知,总共有两台相机,其中“小的那台”,应该用比较级smaller,同时又是“确指”的概念,所以用the smaller,选D项。
答案: D
(2008?北京卷)After the long journey,the three of them went back home,hungry and tired.
2.有些副词还可以作连词,作副词时常放在句末。如:though,(ever)since,in case等
He is old.He works hard,though.
=Though he is old,he works hard.
Fortunately,he was not drowned and was saved by the PLA.
Happily for her,her stepmother was kind to her.
4.can not/never 与enough 或too连用表示:无论怎样都不过分;越……越好。
—I was riding alone in the street and all of a sudden,a car cut in and knocked me down.
—You can never be too careful in the street.
1.(2010?安徽卷)________,she is the sort of woman to spread sunshine to  people through her smile.
A.Shy and cautious
B.Sensitive and thoughtful
C.Honest and confident
D.Lighthearted and optimistic
解析: 句意为:她无忧无虑、积极乐观,是那种用微笑给别人带来快乐的人。本题考查形容词作伴随状语。shy and cautious 害羞的、小心的;sensitive and thoughtful 敏感的、多思的;honest and confident 诚实的、自信的。
答案: D
2.(2010?辽宁卷)Jim went to answer the phone.________,Harry started to prepare lunch.
A.However     B.Nevertheless
C.Besides      D.Meanwhile
解析: 句意为:Jim 去接电话了。与此同时,Harry 开始做午饭。本题考查副词用法。A.然而;B.虽然如此;C.除此之外;D.与此同时。根据前后句逻辑关系,应选择表示并列关系的D。
答案: D
3.(2010?辽宁卷)We only had $100 and that was________to buy a new computer.
A.nowhere near enough   B.near enough nowhere
C.enough near nowhere   D.near nowhere enough
解析: 句意为:我们只有100美元,离买台新电脑的钱还差得远呢。本题考查修饰词顺序。not anywhere near 或nowhere near:far from,not at all远非,绝不是,为固定短语。
答案: A
4.(2010?杭州检测二)When it was his turn to deliver his speech,________,he walked towards the microphone.
A.nervously and embarrassingly
B.nervous and embarrassedly
C.nervously and embarrassing
D.nervous and embarrassed
解析: 该题考查形容词作状语。形容词一般作定语,但也可作状语。如:He lay in bed,awake.再如:Her husband came back,drunk.
答案: D
1.(2010?浙江卷)I have been convinced that the print media are usually more________and more reliable than television.
A.accurate     B.ridiculous
C.urgent      D.shallow
解析: 句意为:我一直都确信纸质媒体比电视要更加准确,更加可靠。本题考查形容词辨析。accurate 准确的,精确的;ridiculous 荒谬的,可笑的;urgent紧急的;shallow浅的,肤浅的,根据句意可得知答案为A项。
答案: A
2.(2010?浙江卷)Do you think shopping online will________take the place of shopping in stores?
A.especially    B.frequently
C.merely     D.finally
解析: 句意为:你认为网上购物最终会取代商店购物吗?本题考查副词辨析。especially 尤其,特别;frequently 经常;merely 仅仅,只是;finally最终,最后。根据句意可知答案为D项。
答案: D
3.(2010?湖北卷)In this lecture,I can only give you a purely________view of how we can live life to the full and make some suggestions about the future.
A.private     B.personal
C.unique     D.different
解析: 句意为:在本次讲座中,本人只能就我们如何才能让自己的日子过得充实些给你们提供一些个人观点,并就未来的发展提供一些建议。本题考查形容词辨析。从语境和四个选项的主要含义判断选B项。
答案: B
4.(2010?全国卷Ⅱ)Mr Black is very happy because the clothes made in his factory have never been________.
A.popular     B.more popular
C.most popular    D.the most popular
解析: 句意为:布莱克先生很高兴,因为他工厂生产的服装从没像现在这样受欢迎。本题考查形容词比较级。根据题中have never (从来没有)得知在文中隐含着与过去比较,故答案选B项。
答案: B
5.(2010?江西卷)Computers and mobile phones,though they are indeed making our life________and more________,have reduced the need for face­to­face communications.
A.easily;efficient   B.easier;efficient
C.easy;efficiently   D.easily;efficiently
解析: 句意为:尽管计算机和手机确实使我们的生活变得更方便更有效率了,但是却减少了面对面交流的需要。本题考查形容词的比较级。两个空格处都需要形容词来作our life的宾补;又根据and more 知道第一空格需要用比较级,所以B项正确。
答案: B
6.(2010?福建卷)—Volunteering is becoming________popular in China.
—Yeah,people are now aware that helping others is helping themselves.
A.naturally     B.successfully
C.splendidly     D.increasingly
解析: 句意为:——在中国,志愿者活动正越来越受到大家的欢迎。——是的,现在人们意识到了助人即助己。本题考查副词用法。increasingly逐渐地,渐增地;naturally自然地,天生地;successfully成功地;splendidly壮丽地,极好地。
答案: D
7.(2010?陕西卷)Studies show that people are more________to suffer from back problems if they always sit before computer screens for long hours.
A.likely     B.possible
C.probable    D.sure
解析: 句意为:研究表明如果总是长时间地坐在电脑屏幕前,人们的背部很有可能会出现毛病。本题考查表“可能性”的三个形容词possible,probable,likely在搭配上的区别:
①It is possible/probable/likely that 从句
②It is possible for sb.to do sth.
③Sb./Sth.is likely to do sth.
答案: A
8.(2010?新课标全国卷Ⅰ)I have seldom seen my mother________pleased with my progress as she is now.
A.so    B.very
C.too    D.rather
解析: 句意为:我很少见到我妈妈像现在这样对我的进步感到这么满意。本题考查形容词的平级比较。题干有as she is now,结合句意和选项看,这里是形容词pleased的平级比较。否定句中用not/never/seldom/...so/as...as结构表示平级比较。本题看似考查副词辨析,实际上考查形容词的比较结构。从句意判断A正确。
答案: A
9.(2010?山东卷)Mothers holding jobs outside the home should have________schedules to make it easier to care for their children.
A.heavy      B.smooth
C.flexible      D.complex
解析: 句意为:在外上班的母亲的日程计划应具有弹性,这样可使照看孩子更加容易。heavy 重的,过度的;smooth 平滑的;平稳的;flexible灵活的,可变动的;complex复杂的:根据后文to make it easier to care for their children 可知此题应选C项。
答案: C
10.(2010?天津卷)People have always been________about exactly how life on earth began.
A.curious     B.excited
C.anxious     D.careful
解析: 句意为:人们一直对世界上的生命起源非常好奇。形容词短语搭配be curious about 对……好奇;excited兴奋的;anxious 焦虑的;careful 认真的。
答案: A

1.(2011?青岛市第一次模拟)Thinking that her daughter was doing homework,the mother left the room,________.
A.quickly and gentle    B.quick and gentle
C.quickly and gently    D.quick and gently
解析: quick and gentle 在句中是形容词短语作伴随状语,往往用逗号隔开。
答案: B
2.(2011?青岛市第一次模拟)My grandfather is as ________as a young man and hates sitting around doing nothing all day.
A.enthusiastic    B.energetic
C.talkative    D.sensitive
解析: 依据后半句hates sitting around doing nothing all day 可知这里表示“精力充沛的”,故选B项。enthusiastic热情的;talkative 健谈的;sensitive 敏感的。
答案: B
3.(2011?福建毕业班检查)Even students with ________intelligence can be excellent students after bettering their study habits.
A.average    B.unusual
C.splendid    D.popular
解析: 考查形容词辨析。average 表示“一般的,平常的”;unusual 表示“异乎寻常的”;splendid 表示“极好的,壮丽的”;popular 则表示“流行的”。根据语意,此处表示“智力一般的学生在改进学习习惯之后也能变得很出色”,所以选A项。
答案: A
4.(2011?东城练习二)Young people go to college with the expectation that________educated people get a higher pay.
A.good    B.better
C.best    D.the best
解析: 本题考查形容词、副词的比较级。句意为:年轻人上大学,带着这样的期望——得到更好教育的人会得到更高的工资报酬。所以本题应该选择B项。
答案: B
5.(2011?黑龙江检测)I was sleepy.I decided to make myself some________coffee so I could work________.
A.weak;better    B.strong;well
C.strong;better    D.weak;well
解析: 根据语意,第一空用strong coffee,浓咖啡才能提神;第二空表示比较,意为“比现在工作得更好”,故用well的比较级。
答案: C
6.(2011?南昌一模)The increase of the number of the students makes the limited computers not________to each student.
A.available    B.affordable
C.helpful    D.acceptable
解析: 考查形容词词义辨析。语境为:学生数量的增加使有限的电脑不够每个学生都使用。固定短语be available to意为“可享受的,可得到的,可使用的”。be helpful to对……有帮助的,有益的,有用的;affordable付得起的,不太昂贵的;acceptable可接受的,合意的,可承受的,可忍受的。语境暗示学生多,电脑少,因此应是不够用。
答案: A
7.(2011?杭州教学检测)Though many extra planes and trains are used to carry passengers,traffic tools are still________needed during the “May Day” holidays.
A.eagerly    B.badly
C.equally    D.slightly
解析: 考查副词。尽管增加了许多航班和火车班次以便运送旅客,但是在五一假期里交通工具还很急需。eagerly 热切地;badly很,非常;equally 平等地;slightly略微,稍微。只有B项符合语意。
答案: B
8.(2010?山东济南3月模拟)On snowy days,you have to drive very ________to avoid traffic accidents.
A.cautiously    B.neatly
C.smoothly    D.properly
解析: 句意为:在下雪天,你必须谨慎驾车以避免交通事故。cautiously 谨慎地;neatly整洁地;smoothly平滑地;properly适当地。
答案: A
9.(2010?江苏南京调研)He was robbed last night,but________he didn’t have much on him then.
A.fortunately    B.eventually
C.certainly    D.surprisingly
解析: fortunately幸运地;eventually最终;certainly当然;surprisingly惊讶地。句意为:他昨晚被抢劫了,但幸运的是那时他身上没有多少钱。
答案: A
10.(2010?山东潍坊质检)Sorry.Somebody borrowed the book last week,but I’ll let you know once it is________.
A.possible    B.probable
C.available    D.punctual
解析: 句意为:对不起,上周有人把书借走了,但一旦有的话,我会让你知道。available 可得到的,probable 可能的;punctual 准时的。
答案: C
11.(2010?东北三校一模)This new kind of chemicals will help keep the air,soil and water________from pollution.
A.free    B.empty
C.loose    D.short
解析: 句意为:这种新的化学物质将有助于使空气、土壤和水免受污染。此处free表示“免于,不受……影响的”,和from 搭配。
答案: A
12.(2010?合肥第三次检测)—Jack is really a brave guy.
—So he is.And we can’t admire his courage________.
A.too much    B.a lot
C.very much    D.a little
解析: 考查固定结构。从语意看,答话人也认为Jack是个勇敢的男孩,用can’t ...too much 表示“再……也不为过”。语意:我们非常欣赏他的勇气。
答案: A
13.(2010?海淀区第二学期期中练习)—Our women athletes achieved great success in the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.
—Yes.No one could perform________,I think.
A.well    B.better
C.best    D.the best
解析: 考查副词的用法。否定词no 和比较级better 连用,表达的是最高级的意思。语意为:——我们的女运动员在温哥华冬奥会上取得了巨大的成功。——是的,我认为没有人能比她们表现得更好。
答案: B
14.(2010?合肥第三次教学检测)My mom once worked in a very small village school,which is________only on foot.
A.acceptable    B.adequate
C.accessible    D.appropriate
解析: 考查形容词辨析。句意为:我妈妈曾经在一个小村庄的学校教书,这所学校只有步行才能到达。这里用accessible 表示“可进入的,可接近的”。acceptable 可接受的;adequate 适当的,充分的;appropriate 合适的,适当的。
答案: C
15.(2010?湖南十二校第二次联考)—Do you like the place of interest?
—On the contrary,it’s the________place that I want to visit.
A.worst    B.last
C.best    D.latest
解析: 考查形容词辨析。根据答语中的On the contrary 可知,答话者对这个地方不满意。B项的last 表示“最不可能的”,即那是我最不想参观的地方。
答案: B


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