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高考英语必修2 Unit 2 练习题  

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 高考英语必修2 Unit 2 练习题

【新课标人教版】(全国通用)2012届高考英语一轮复习精讲精练学案必修2 Unit 2 The Olympic Games
1.My________(座右铭) is,“Where there is a will,there is a way.”
答案: motto
2.Five children decided to________(竞赛) in the swimming race.
答案: compete
3.Nothing in the world can________(取代) a mother’s love and care.
答案: replace
4.They will have their own products________(做广告) for free.
答案: advertised
5.She was working as a________(志愿者) after the Haiti earthquake.
答案: volunteer
6.The first________(古代的) Olympic Games were held in Greece in 776 BC.
答案: ancient
7.We expect him to win more gold________(奖牌) in the next Olympic Games.
答案: medal
8.We all know that regular exercise and________(身体的) activities are the path to health.
答案: physical
9.It is the teacher’s________(责任) to help every student with their studies.
答案: responsibility
10.I have to________(承认) that it’s more difficult than I thought it would be.
答案: admit
1.    for         代表;象征;表示
2.in        主管;看管
3.     four years    每四年

5.pick        捡起
6.as a    of fact   事实上
7.   part in   参加;参与
8.as       也;又;还
9.one after      陆续的;一个接一个地
Only athletes who have reached the ________ ________ ________their event will ________ ________ ________competitors.
答案: agreed standard for;be admitted as
No other countries could join in,________ ________slaves or women!
答案: nor could
Women are ________ ________allowed,________ ________play a very important role in gymnastics,athletics,team sports and...
答案: not only;but also
There’s ________ ________ ________among countries to host the Olympics________to win Olympic medals.
答案: as much competition;as
________ ________ ________you all get equal turns in talking to the class.
答案: Make sure that
compete vi.比赛;竞争
教材原句P9:How many countries competed in the ancient Olympic Games?有多少国家参加古代奥运会?

①Many students in our class competed in the physics contest.
②Tom competed with/against five other athletes for the first prize in a race.汤姆在赛跑中与另外五名运动员竞争第一名。
③Nobody can entirely keep away from this competitive world.
④Young children will usually compete for their mother’s attention.小孩子们往往会在妈妈面前争宠。
1.About 5,000 singers competed________each other________six medals in the National Singing Competition.
A.against;with   B.with;on
C.with;in     D.against;for
解析: compete with/against sb.for sth.“为……和某人竞争”,为固定搭配。
答案: D
2.Finding information in today’s world is easy.The________is how you can tell if the information you get is useful or not.
A.ability      B.competition
C.challenge     D.knowledge
解析: 句意为:在当今世界,发现信息是很容易的事,所面临的挑战是你如何分辨出你所得到的信息是否有用。ability能力;competition竞争;比赛;challenge挑战;knowledge知识。
答案: C
admit vt.& vi.容许;承认;接纳;容纳
教材原句P10:Only athletes who have reached the agreed standard for their event will be admitted as competitors.只有达到该比赛项目规定水平的运动员才被允许参加比赛。

①Only after the teacher told him did he admit his mistakes.
②She admitted taking my dictionary by mistake.
③Study hard and you’ll be admitted to Beijing University.
④He was admitted as a member of the table tennis team.
3.(2009?全国卷Ⅱ)If you leave the club,you will not be________back in.
A.received     B.admitted
C.turned     D.moved
解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:如果你离开俱乐部,你将不会被允许返回。短语be admitted in/into被录取,被接受,符合句意。
答案: B
replace vt.取代;替换;把……放回原处
教材原句P10:So even the olive wreath has been replaced!

①John is ill and I want to know who is going to replace him.
②It is not a good idea to miss meals and replace them with snacks.不吃正餐,改吃点心,这不是什么好主意。
③You have to replace the books on the shelves before you leave.你离开之前必须把书放回书架上。
④It would be difficult to find a man to take the place of the present manager.找一个人来代替现在的经理是不容易的。
He is not fit for the job.We’ve hired a new one________________________.
As far as I’m concerned,____________________________by computers in the classroom.
答案: (1)in place of him (2)teachers will never be replaced
bargain vi.讨价还价;讲条件;n.便宜货
教材原句P14:Her father said that she must marry,so Atlanta made a bargain with him.
(1)bargain with sb.about/over/for sth.
(2)make a bargain with sb.和某人达成协议
a good/bad bargain买得(不)合算
①I bargained with the taxi driver over the price.
②He and his partner had made a bargain to tell each other everything.他和他的合伙人约定,要互通信息,毫无保留。
③The car was a good bargain at that price.
④After much bargaining,the shop owner agreed to cut down the price by 20%.经过许多讨价还价后,店主同意减价20%。
5.(山东高考)I bought a dress for only 10 dollars in a sale;it was a real________.
A.exchange    B.bargain
C.trade     D.business
解析: 句意为:我只花了10美元就买了一套裙子,真划算。exchange互换;bargain便宜货,廉价货;trade贸易;business生意。结合考题前面给出的信息“只花了10美元”,言外之意花钱不多,所以本题选择B项。
答案: B
deserve vi.& vt.应受(报答或惩罚);值得
教材原句P15:Do you think Hippomenes deserved to win the race?你认为希波墨涅斯应该赢得这场比赛吗?
(1)deserve to do应该
deserve doing/to be done应受,值得
(2)deserve consideration/attention值得考虑/注意
①These proposals deserve serious consideration.
②The team deserves to win.这个队该赢。
③He deserves to be punished for what he did.
=He deserves punishing for what he did.
My bike needs repairing/to be repaired.
6.—It’s better for you to lose weight by taking exercise every morning.
—I think your suggestion deserves________.
A.try     B.tried
C.to be tried    D.to try
解析: 考查动词的用法。deserve值得,后常跟to do/to be done。suggestion与try之间为被动关系。
答案: C
take part in参加
教材原句P9:Who could not take part in the ancient Olympic Games?谁不能参加古代奥林匹克运动会?
①A lively and caring girl,Anna takes an active part in social activities.安娜是一个既活泼又有爱心的女孩,她积极参加社会活动。
②Are you going to take part in the discussion?
③When I watched the game he encouraged me to take part.
辨析:join,join in,take part in与attend
(1)join (become a member of)指加入某个组织成为其中一员。
(2)join (sb.) in指参与某项活动,口语中常与take part in通用。
(3)take part in指参加群众性活动、会议等并在其中起积极作用。
7.用join,join in,take part in,attend填空
(1)Employees are expected and required to________team meetings.
(2)You can enjoy a sport without________a club or belonging to a team.
(3)It was a good way for people to____________________the campaign close to home.
(4)Would you like to________us________the discussion tomorrow?
答案: (1)attend (2)joining (3)take part in (4)join;in
as well也;还,常放在句子末尾,作为副词短语使用
教材原句P10:For each Olympics,a special village is built for them to live in,a main reception building,several stadiums for competitions,and a gymnasium as well.
①Of course,I’ll do some reading for fun,and for knowledge as well.当然,我会读些书,为了消遣,也为了获取知识。
②The children learn to read and write;they play games as well.
(1)as well as意为“既……又;也,又”,可连接两个并列成分,
(2)as well as也可以是well的同级比较结构,表示“和……
(3)may/might as well do sth.=had better do sth.
③I wish I could speak English as well as he can.
④The teacher as well as his students is going to plant trees tomorrow.和学生一样,这位老师明天也去植树。
⑤Since you have started the job,you might as well finish it.
8.—I heard that the famous player________his coach would come to our school for a visit.
—I heard the news________.
A.and;too     B.as well as;as well
C.as well as;as well as  D.with;either
解析: as well as连接两个并列成分,意为“和”,相当于and;as well主要用于肯定句和疑问句中,多用于口语,一般放在句尾,表示“也”。
答案: B
9.—You seemed to be deeply struck by his skill.
—Not exactly.It was his courage________his skill that really struck me most.
A.rather     B.as well as
C.but also     D.not as
解析: 考查副词的辨析。as well as表示“也、又”,强调前者。此句中It was...that...为强调结构,强调了“his courage as well as his skill”。
答案: B
10.—I’ll drop in on our retired English teacher on the way to the market.
—________that case,I ________go with you,since I’m free now.
A.On;may as well   B.At;may well
C.In;might as well   D.In;may well
解析: in that case在那种情况下;may/might as well不妨。
答案: C
in charge主管;看管
①I’d like to speak to the person in charge.

11.A new manager will come to take________charge of this company,which was in________charge of Mr Wang.
A.the;the    B./;/
C.the;/     D./;the
解析: take charge of由……负责;in the charge of sb.由某人管理,故D项符合。
答案: D
(1)We also have a swimming pool,which is open all day and________________________(免费).
(2)Mr Smith works here,________________________(主管)the Health Department.
答案: (1)free of charge (2)in charge of
I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and I used to write about the Olympic Games a long time ago.我生活在你们称之为“古希腊”的地方,我过去也经常写有关很久前奥运会的情况。
what引起宾语从句,并在从句中作call的宾语,“Ancient Greece” 作宾补。
①After many days’ voyage,they arrived in what is called America now.
②He drove at what I thought was a dangerous speed.
③After a long journey,they came to what was called “Gebi Desert”.长途跋涉之后,他们来到了被称之为“戈壁滩”的地方。
④The teacher was satisfied with what we had done.
13.(重庆高考)People in Chongqing are proud of________they have achieved in the past ten years.
A.that     B.which
C.what     D.how
解析: 句意为:重庆人民为他们10年以来取得的成就而感到自豪。此句可改为People in Chongqing are proud of the things that they have...,the things that可以用what来代替。
答案: C
14.—What are we visiting next Monday?
—A modern city that has appeared in________was a village ten years ago.
A.that    B.which
C.what    D.where
解析: 考查宾语从句。填入的连词应引导宾语从句并在从句中作主语,所以排除A、D项。另外,which意思不符,故排除。
答案: C
No other country could join in,nor could slaves or women!别的国家不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不能参加!
①My sister can’t swim,nor/neither can her husband.
②I haven’t seen the film,nor/neither has Mary.
③I don’t know,nor do I care.我不知道,也不关心。
He has finished his homework,and so have I.
If you go to school early tomorrow,so shall I.
(3)如果表示前面两件或两件以上的事也适合于另一人或物时,则需要用So it is/was with...或It is/was the same with...。
Mary was born in Australia and she lived in the United States.So it was with Jane./It was the same with Jane.
—I like English but I can’t study it well.
—So it is with my brother.我弟弟也是。
15.(辽宁高考)Bill wasn’t happy about the delay of the report by Jason,and________.
A.I was neither    B.neither was I
C.I was either    D.either was I
解析: 句意为:比尔对贾森做报告推迟这件事表示不高兴,我也不高兴。根据题意可知,我也不(高兴),neither/nor+系动词/助动词/情态动词+sb.表示某人也不(同意或赞成上文的观点),易把either看做neither,无either was I 句式,故选B。
答案: B
—How often do you hold your Games?
—Every four years.
every four years “每四年”,也可用every fourth year表示。every表示时间或空间上的间隔。
The American people elect a president every four years.
He comes to see his uncle every third week.
We have English lessons every other day;that is on Monday,Wednesday and Friday.
You can write to me every few days,and in that way we can keep in touch with each other.
16.—________do you visit your parents?
A.How much;a few    B.How soon;few
C.How long;third    D.How often;five or six
解析: every...days表达频率,应用how often提问。
答案: D
17.She watches TV________evening and changes channels________few minutes.
A.in;every    B.every;every
C.every;catch    D.every;in
解析: every evening每天晚上;every few minutes每隔几分钟。
答案: B
18.The teacher asked the students to write________to make it clear.
A.every line    B.every a few line
C.every other line    D.each one line
解析: 此句意思是“老师要求同学们每隔一行来写字”。符合这一意思的是every的用法, every other line正符合此意。
答案: C

compete for;in charge;as well;pick it up;take part in;as a matter of fact;play an important role in;get married
1.We’re going to the cinema tonight,why don’t you come along________________?
答案: as well
2.No,I wasn’t annoyed.________________,I was very glad to see them.
答案: As a matter of fact
3.Do you know how many people will____________the 10 medals?
答案: compete for
4.What is important is not about winning medals but____________________the games.
答案: taking part in
5.It was not until five years later that she__________________John.
答案: got married to
6.Computers____________________________our everyday life.
答案: play an important role in
7.She saw a wallet lying on the ground and she ______________.
答案: picked it up
8.Who will be______________here when the manager is away?
答案: in charge
1.(全国高考)If Joe’s wife won’t go to the party,________.
A.he will either       
B.neither will he
C.he neither will   
D.either he will
解析: 考查倒装句。其形式为neither/nor+助动词+主语。
答案: B
2.(江西高考)—I reminded you not to forget the appointment.
A.So you did    B.So I do not
C.So did you    D.So do I
解析: 本题考查固定句式用法。So+主语+助动词/连系动词/情态动词表示对别人说法予以认可。
答案: A
3.(全国高考)—I would never come to this restaurant again.The food is terrible.
A.Nor am I     B.Neither would I
C.Same with me     D.So do I
解析: 不同的主语,相同的情形(否定)故要倒装。下句意为“我也永不再来这家餐馆”。
答案: B
4.—I like to surf the Internet but I don’t like to watch TV.
A.So do I     B.Nor do I
C.As do I     D.So it is with me
解析: So it is/was with...“……也这样”,主要用来表示“一个人的多种情况与另一个人的多种情况是一致的”。
答案: D
5.—David has made great progress recently.
A.So he has;so you have   B.So he has;so have you
C.So has he;so have you   D.So has he;so you have
解析: 此题前一空考查的是对上文的肯定;第二个空考查的是同样的情况也适用于另一主语。
答案: B
1.(2011?上海南汇中学高三月考)If the building project to be completed by the end of this month is delayed,the construction company________.
A.will be removed    B.will be paid
C.will be fined    D.will be admitted
解析: 句意为:如果这项计划在本月底竣工的建筑工程不能按时完成,建筑公司将被罚款。
答案: C
2.—Can you tell me by whom the speech________next Friday?
—Mr Green,our geography teacher.
A.is given     B.will be given
C.will give     D.be given
解析: 考查时态和语态。根据next Friday可知应该用将来时,又因宾语从句的主语是the speech,所以应用被动语态。
答案: B
3.I’m afraid you’ll have to stay here for another day.All flights________because of fog.
A.had been cancelled   
C.have been cancelled   
D.have cancelled
解析: 第一句(多呆一天)是第二句(航班取消)造成的影响;航班应该是被取消,故用现在完成时的被动语态。
答案: C
4.The water will be further polluted unless some measures________.
A.will be taken    B.are taken
C.were taken    D.had been taken
解析: 主句部分使用了将来时,unless引导的时间状语从句中要用一般现在时代替一般将来时。take measures (to do sth.)“采取措施(做某事)”,由句意知,此处为被动。
答案: B
5.Good news!Maybe I________a job soon.I had an interview at an engineering firm yesterday.
A.have been offered   B.would be offered
C.will be offered    D.is offered
解析: 考查时态和语态。由句中的soon可知,这里表示将来发生的动作,应用一般将来时,offer与I之间是动宾关系,故应用被动语态。
答案: C






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